Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday Whiffling

Today was mostly spent doing some necessary household chores and moving a few projects forward. I did finally get a few lines of acceptable quilting into the Baby M quilt. It's not what I had pictured it would be, but it's okay. I think if I had used cotton batting, the whole thing would have been more successful from the beginning, but the polyester will be okay. I decided to start from the middle of the quilt and work toward the edges instead of trying to run one continuous line from edge to edge. It means having to bury thread tails but I would rather do that than rip out stitching every day for another week. There's a lot more stitching to do than shows in the photo, but it's proof that I've made a start, at least.

Before I left the studio for the day I checked my Fab Four list for this month and pulled out the next top to be basted. I have 20 tops in the drawer waiting to be basted and quilted, and another 6 basted and ready to be quilted. While I have a quilt in the machine being quilted, the cutting table is usually clear, so that's a good time to get another quilt basted. I had chosen this one for the Fab Four list because it's relatively small, and the backing fabric was in the drawer with the top. I know I made this top when I lived in Tallulah, which means sometime between 1998 and 2003. There was a block-of-the-month using a special paper called Thangles to make half-square triangle blocks. It was the first of several quilts I made using shades of black/white/gray for the blocks; I had less fear that I wouldn't like the way the blocks went together when I didn't know what the final quilt would look like. I'm not sure how I'm going to quilt it yet, but I can study on it while I'm doing the basting.

Nothing else worth showing pictures of. I've done some thread crochet snowflakes, but they look like a rumpled mess until they're stiffened and pinned into shape, so you won't see those for a while. I started another tatted cross, hoping to empty the shuttles so I can rewind with a different thread. I did some more on the Calico Cats this morning, but that's going to be a long time in the finishing. I've done a little knitting in the evenings, but usually by the time I sit down with that, I'm too tired to work for long.

Time to bring Molly in for her supper. The cats have already eaten. Then I'll pick out a movie and settle into the Big Easy.

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