Friday, August 07, 2015

Friday at the Frog Pond

As ye sew, so shall ye rip. Ugh!

I remember my research adviser asking me one time, "why is it that you don't have time to do it right the first time, but you have time to do it wrong, then do it over?" Apparently I haven't learned that lesson in the last 40 years (along with a few others, I'm sure.)

It started with thinking "this is just a crib quilt, I don't need to do a ton of basting on it." This was reinforced by the recognition that I don't have a lot of basting pins available at the moment because they're all holding other quilts together. So I spread out the layers, threw a few pins in, and started to quilt.

Two lines of stitching later I realized I already had a pleat in the back and it was only going to get worse. So I pulled the quilt out of the machine, unpicked those 2 lines of stitching, and went back to the cutting table to throw in more pins. They didn't help. When I did one and a half lines of stitching I realized the extra pins just masked the problem but didn't make it go away. So once again I pulled the quilt out of the machine and started unpicking the stitches. Then the podcast I was listening to ended, and I realized it was already suppertime, and I decided the smart thing to do was quit for the day.

So tomorrow I will begin by continuing the frogging process, then pull out all the pins, and relayer the quilt, paying more attention to doing it right rather than doing it quickly.

I had some things I had to do today that weren't fiber related, so I didn't have a ton of time. But I did get the problem fixed on the Grandmother's Flower Garden, and tomorrow I can start adding the third column of blocks. I'm going to have to cut more green hexies, because there are placed that need to be filled in, which probably means cutting another template. I can't remember the last time I cut quilt pieces by marking them with a template and cutting them with scissors.

And now it's after supper, so I can relax with some knitting. I have a hat on the needles that is nearly finished, so I think I will finish that, then reload the needles. I keep those in the car for when I have waiting time at appointments or construction zones. I hope to also make some progress on the baby sweater that's part of Christmas knitting.

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mjh said...

So you like dancing! No harm in that. Two steps forward, one step back. Baste, sweet girl. Baste! No galloping horse dynamic for you, at least not for baby M!