Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Great Afghan Square Sew-Up Part 3

Putting this afghan  together was so easy I can't imagine why I procrastinated so long. By Saturday evening I had the first 18 squares joined, and the rest went together over Sunday and Monday. Last night I put a simple border on it, and this morning gave it a ride through the washer and dryer. It made into a lovely large blanket that will someday warm somebody who's cold. 

The technique for the joining doesn't show up very well in the black yarn. This may be just as well, since I didn't take any great pains with it. I'm now working a second set of squares with the same technique using a pink yarn and I may be able to get better pictures with that. Of course what makes it go so fast is that you're adding the last row to the square at the same time you're joining it to the neighboring square. For this type of project fast is good. 
I'm now off and running on the next set of granny squares. When they are joined I will move the remaining bits of crochet to the second box and declare the first one emptied. This makes me very happy.