Saturday, September 26, 2009

This is what I've been slogging away at for the past month. It was meant to be finished for a July wedding, but now I'm hoping for Christmas. I didn't want to show it until the wedding couple had had a chance to see it, so it's been the mystery project up to now.

It's still in the block construction stage, but moving well along. My goal is to have the blocks finished by the end of this week. At the very least I want to be started on the quilting by the end of this month. I'm not planning anything fancy for the quilting; the story here is all in the fabric.

For those that want details, the blocks are 24 inches. The finished quilt will have 36 blocks, so it will be a generous king-sized quilt. The arcs are being paper-pieced, which helps make sure they come out the right size and helps control all those bias edges. And of course the background pieces are all fussy-cut to highlight the pineapples and the love birds.

I almost like the way this quilt looks in the photo better than I do close-up. The picture gives me a chance to step back and see the overall effect, and I love the alternating light and dark effect in the rings.

Now back to the sewing machine.