Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day weekend and I'm doing my best to get something quilty done. Right now I have 4 projects in process in the studio, with another one lurking in the wings.

First is the Tesselated Leaves quilt, that is getting hand quilted. It's been a while since I did any hand quilting, so I don't have a good callous yet on my index finger. This means I can only work for short periods of time. But at least the direction is forward, and this hanging may actually get to a wall before it's time to put up Christmas decorations.

Second is the Sunflowers. This one needs some tweaking before it's ready for final assembly. The bright yellow is too much. I'll have to assemble some new nine-patches and audition them. And I have some other ideas too. Right now the sewing machine is still stowed, so I'm just contemplating possibilities. Fabrics are sitting on the card table.

Third is this little wall hanging that started life as a mystery quilt but then didn't seem quite finished. Having just one dimensional element seems unbalanced to me. But then I wasn't sure just where I wanted to go with it. Today I got out a book I already owned on making folded flowers, then did some research on dimensional applique.

I pulled out some fabrics and some other stuff that might find a place before all is said and done. All of that is on the pressing table.

Fourth is the Slanted Stars. This one is still in the piecing stage. Since it will take 196 pieces, or something like that, it may stay at this stage for a while. But it seems like a good place to start when I hoist the sewing machine again. And I did mark all the squares I had cut this morning, so I can claim progress. No new pictures of this one. I think there's one back in the archives, but I can't find it right now.

The possible 5th is that I've bought the covered button kits to "fix" the Laurel Burch quilt. I haven't found the right fabric to cover them yet, so not sure how far I'll get with that this weekend. I may have to buy fabric before I'm finished. Poor me.

It's only Saturday. Watch this page for updates.