Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I need to be finishing the class work I need to have prepared for next week, and instead I am madly trying to finish projects around the house and in the studio. This top was the result of a Quilt University class in strip piecing. It started as a pile of scraps and a yellow fabric I had bought for another project:

But after I had a few blocks done with the yellow, the star shape started to speak to me, and needed to set them in a darker background. This meant a trip to the quilt shop (an hour and a half's drive away) to find the perfect dark brown. And then I had to learn how to make half blocks, to accomplish the on-point setting. But it was worth it, I think. This will look lovely as a backdrop when I start taping a new Bible study series in the fall.

By then I hope to have it quilted. I'm taking a class in machine embroidery which I hope will teach me how to digitize shapes that I can use for quilting. Maybe then I can make a dent in the pile of tops that need quilting.