Monday, March 14, 2011

And since that retreat I've hardly had time to pick up knitting needles, let alone focus on quilting. Of course, part of what made that time so productive was that I specifically designated it as quilting time, and gave that priority over all the other demands on my time.

So I'm doing it again. Thursday is the start of the NCAA basketball tournament, and it's the perfect time for a quilt retreat. I don't know that I'll get in quite as much time over 5 days as I did in February, but that doesn't matter. The point is to set a time and a goal, and work toward accomplishing it.

MJ will be here, and that can be both good news and bad news. I know she wants to put a few stitches into the DWR, so we can work on that for a while. And I really want to show her Kay's new shop in Vicksburg, so I may have to kidnap her for an afternoon and drive down there. I'm sure I can find something that I desperately need that will justify the time and the gas to go there.

So what about goals? Here's a good start:
1. Finish sewing the Tilted Stars together. Half of it is in blocks of 16 already, and the layout is fixed, so that should be doable.
2. Put in 5 hours on the DWR (1 per day). I think my fingers are up to this.
3. Finish the embellishment of the Spring Wall Hanging. Most of this is hand-sewing and fiddling until I get a layout I like.
4. 15 minutes per day of cleaning.
5. Finish quilting the Yellow Brick Road.
That should be more than enough to keep me busy for the weekend. Not that I might not pull out something else that looks interesting.