Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ay Carumba!

This morning I was thinking about all the projects I've got going this fall and decided I needed a calendar so I could keep track of deadlines and make progress goals for the big stuff like Christmas Marketplace. So I pulled out my favorite blank calendar pages and started filling things in for the rest of the year. Then I had a moment of complete and utter horror.

Christmas is four months away. Marketplace is three months away. I have to have projects done to send to Canada by the end of September; that's one month away. None of the things I wanted to have done by the end of August are done. That's when I decided the most sensible thing to do right then was take a nap.

I did that. The calendar didn't change. The list of projects didn't change. Nothing changed except that it was now an hour later and I still hadn't had lunch.

I know how to eat an elephant. But it's hard to concentrate on taking one bite at a time when the dog is barking and there are mosquitoes buzzing around your ears and the phone is ringing, and there are six new and vitally important things to read on Facebook.

Of course the sensible thing to do would be to put away the things that don't have deadlines and get to work on the things that do. But I also know if I put away the Calico Cats and the Grandmother's Flower Garden it may be ten years before I pull them out again. And I really would like to see them finished in my lifetime.

So after lunch I worked on a couple of things for Marketplace. And then I worked for a while on the Baby M quilt. And now I'm about to get out Bennett's Christmas sweater and move that project forward. In the morning the Calico Cats will still be waiting for quilting. And there are still four more days left in August. Stay calm and keep the calendar handy.

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mjh said...

Those suckerpunched loose your breath moments. Ah yes. Familiar ground. Not to worry. The important things (Marketplace) will get done (Marketplace) and the Canadians (Marketplace) won't worry!

The calendar is like the clock. An obnoxious bully. Ignore it. Enjoy the work of creating and let the timelines take care of themselves.