Thursday, August 06, 2015


The heat and humidity got to me today. At least that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. The only thing I did in the studio today was drop off the quilt batts I made a quick trip to get early in the morning so I could work with them later in the day.

I did finish sewing together the top of Baby M's quilt yesterday, and found a piece of extra wide backing that was long enough. I got that cut down to size and pressed, then realized I didn't have any batting smaller than queen size, so decided to let that project rest until I could get a smaller one. All I need now is enough energy to pin the layers together and then made decisions about what thread to use for the quilting.

I putzed along at other projects, but can't say I accomplished much. I did get a tatted snowflake finished and started another cross. I figured out what I have to do to fix the Grandmother's Flower Garden; I didn't start the second row of blocks in the right place, so now the rows don't line up properly. Resewing the top block will fix that, and I may get to that tomorrow. A little bit of cross stitch happened,

I'm just glad supper is over and I can head to the Big Easy, pick up the baby sweater and knit. I think I can handle that. Maybe.

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mjh said...

Like I said, sluggish is an epidemic today. Got a bad case of it here, too. Your day was a tad more productive. All I did was a couple of loads of laundry. Not a thing that was creative or constructive, really. Ah well. Tomorrow.