Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sometimes when you try hard to stay out of trouble you end up falling into it with both feet.

Last weekend I was in a production of "Hello, Dolly" with Delta Center Stage. I was in the chorus and had a few lines as the second cook; mostly my job was to fill up the stage, sing whatever part needed augmenting, and not do anything stupid. So on opening night I got into my costume for the first act - the one I call my Dowager Lady Ursula costume - and went to sit in a corner out of the way with my knitting while everyone else was getting ready and coping with opening night jitters.

So there I was, practicing my newly learned skill of Continental-style knitting by making a dishcloth, when suddenly a photographer appears and wants to take a picture. The other girls posed around me, I kept on knitting, and the next thing I know I'm on the back page of the newspaper. Of course, i
f I'd known I was going to be in the newspaper, I would have had something more photogenic with me than a measly dishcloth with just a few rows complete. At the very least I would have whipped out a sock in some nicely contrasting color.

The good news is I've landed a part in the next production, which will open on April 17th. Next time I will come prepared.

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