Sunday, January 27, 2008

Today was a Sunday off for me. I mean really a day off. I've been in Austin all the past week working on my latest D. Min. project. The work went well, and the weather was cold and wet, so there was little incentive to do anything but work. Then yesterday the weather broke, and I headed out to do the shopping I wanted to do while I was in the city. That left today with nothing that has to be done. Not exactly a Sabbath, since I also chose to ditch church. But a real day off.

So of course I immediately grabbed my knitting needles. I've been working on this waves wrap for a while and decided it was time to finish it off. I'm a little disappointed; I wanted it to be wider. But from a technical perspective it was a success. It was the first project I used my new Harmony Options needles on, and they turned out to be perfect. The project called for a provisional cast-on, and I just did it over a spare cable, then capped the ends. When I was ready to work the second end, all I had to do was attach the needle tips and go. Then I wasn't absolutely sure of the length. I could just leave the one end on a cable until I had finished the other end, then make the final decision about how many repeats of the last pattern to work.

So another time I will add some repeats to the pattern and make it wider. I do like the way it made up in the mohair; the lace is apparent, but the mistakes are not glaringly obvious.

So the wrap is done. So are two mitten/hat sets. Since I've been here. Ok, I've done a lot of knitting. I even took my knitting with me when I went to Threadgills this morning for the gospel brunch. Talk about stepping outside my usual Sunday routine. I even had a mimosa. Actually a mimosa and a half. I went to get a second plate and while I was gone, my table got bussed. So the waiters apologized all over themselves and got me another drink. It was a good thing I was walking home. Anyway, I worked 4 rows on my jaywalker sock while I sipped my drink and listened to the music.

I've also been on one Stash Enhancing eXpedition to Hill Country Weavers, and another is in store before I leave town. So far I've gotten some merino lace weight that will probably go into some future knit-along, and some Euroflax linen for spa towels. But I patted plenty of other things that will need to come home with me. There's more wool from the South African co-op I like, and there's some yarns bundled together that will make a lovely shawl, and, and, and . . . . Oh, and I need some more sock yarn and a pair of needles suitable to try the socks on 2 circs technique.

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