Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I tried to do this on Monday, but I couldn't get my computer to cooperate. I really do want to keep this blog going on a more regular basis, and since Monday is my Sabbath, that's a good day to catch up with all these fun things that get neglected the rest of the week. So much for great ideas.

I heard a saying that whatever you spend the most time doing on New Year's Day is what you will do the most during the rest of the year. I hope in my case that gets translated as "quilting," not "making a mess." As you can see, I did a thorough job of trashing the studio on New Year's Day while I feverishly worked on a mystery quilt, trying to get it finished before the end of the day. I didn't quite finish, and in fact, now I'm making some changes in the design, so it's still sitting in pieces waiting for the final product to come together in my mind. But I had fun, and got some fabrics out of the stash that needed to be used.

Speaking of using things that need to be used, one of the things I'm trying to do right now is use up some of my "ugly" yarn. When I buy large lots on Ebay, some is good, and some is okay but not the prettiest I've ever seen. And when I'm making hats and mittens for kids I want them to be bright and colorful and fun to wear. So I'm acquiring a pile of the other stuff. I thought it would make nice "kitty kosies" to give to the vet clinic. Andrea is always looking for towels and other such to use, and the critters don't care much about color. I've made a couple that are basically a crocheted circle, with the yarn doubled, and a little bit of decorative stitch on the edge. I decided it was time to test them on my own critters to see if they were acceptable.
Clearly this one is. Callie has hardly moved off it since I "accidentally" left it on the bar. And judging from her, the size is just about right. So I have a new project to work on in the mornings while Amy and I have our Literati fest.

Other projects on the needles: the mystic waters shawl is coming along slowly; I'm starting the toe on the first of the Sock It To Me socks; I'm working on some spa cloths to sell at Doorway to the Delta; and there's always a hat or two in progress.

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Teri said...

hmmm...what did I do with my New Year's Day?
I sat around with some friends, all of us wearing pajamas, eating and talking about food.

I think I can do that for the rest of the year!