Sunday, September 07, 2008

This was the state of my finishing basket this morning. And this wasn't even all the things that needed at least some degree of finishing. Clearly it was time to take action. I declared today Finishing Day, got out my yarn darning needles, crochet hooks, scissors, and the reserved bits of yarn, and tackled the challenges that lurked within. At the end of the day, everyone posed for their picture, and then got put away in their appropriate place (okay, some are still piled on the bed in the guest room, but they're not in the basket).

This batch of baby sweaters wasn't part of the basket. In fact they were completely finished except for having their picture taken. These eight sweaters were my Ravelympics project. I decided to match Michael Phelps one baby sweater for each gold medal. I was trying hard not to jinx the poor boy, but there was a tiny smidge of me that wanted him to lose at least one; eight sweaters in 16 days, even with vacation, was a bit daunting. But I really really wanted him to win. I love seeing what human beings can accomplish when everything works to perfection. He got his eight medals, and I finished the last wee sweater about a minute and a half before the closing ceremonies began. Not quite on the same level of competition, but I did it. And here's the picture to prove it.

Those eight now join these other eight that I found in the basket. Mostly they just needed their ends woven in and their ties added. The whole 16 of them are now in the drawer with the other two that I had finished earlier in the year. This should be plenty to fill the quota for layette kits for the year, so now it's on to hats and mittens.

What else did I find in the basket? There were hats of course. I think the majority of these were the ones I made while I was at General Assembly, but there were some others there as well. They're now sleeping happily with other hats waiting for my trip to DeGray State Park in October, when I will take them to the Knitting for Noggins drop off place in Arkadelphia.

Except for this one. I have no idea why it came out so big. I'd made another hat from this pattern and it was no where near this huge. I've nicknamed it the Troll Hat, because it seems that it would fit the mountain troll in Harry Potter's world. But then I've had a couple of men swear that it will fit them just fine. I haven't had any of them try it on yet. I hope they'll let me take their pictures when they do.

And then there was the Eyelets and Bobbles hat. The only thing it needed was the wee bit of ribbon tied around its topknot. I had found a model for it earlier, before it had its ribbon. Gracie wasn't really happy about this, but she did it. And the hat will always make me think of her, even when I give it away to some lucky baby.

What else was in the basket? There were two scarves made from the Seafoam pattern. I liked the way it worked up in the variagated wool (that's the green one), so decided to try it in a ribbon yarn (that's the other one). I'm not as fond of that result as I thought I would be; the scarf is bulky, and not as drapey as I wanted it to be. I may find a use for it in the winter. But I like the pattern, even though scarves are not my favorite thing to knit. And I think I have some more yarn that I bought to make at least one more.
There were two crocheted baby blankets. These were completely finished, just waiting to have their picture taken. These are a sort of traveling project; they live in a bag on the seat of the car, and get worked on when I'm on the road, sitting in traffic, waiting for an order at the Sonic, and such. It also means that I'm never at a loss for a project when I haven't prepared anything else suitable to work on during a meeting. They're done with a very easy crochet stitch that I haven't gotten tired of even after two blankets (and #3 in progress even now). And of course, color combinations are possible.

There were two knitted baby blankets from Mason-Dixon Knitting, a knitted version of a log cabin quilt square. They had LOTS of ends to weave in, and even a little bit of sewing up. It wasn't much fun, but when the challenge was to empty the basket, they had to get done. Now they are. I'm happy.

Okay, the basket didn't quite end up empty. There are still two Baby Surprise Jackets sitting in the bottom, looking very forlorn. BSJ's have actual seams that have to be sewn. I wasn't up for that, even with the challenge of emptying the basket. They're still there. I'm thinking of them as a sort of nest egg, creating a happy place for more nearly finished items to land.


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