Saturday, September 27, 2008

This is a picture of a baby hat. Okay, it looks really stupid on the cat. As much as I tried to convince Callie that it was the Grand Empress of the Universe's crown, she wasn't buying it. But I wanted a picture of the baby hat, and it looked even stupider just sitting on the table.

Yes, it's a very small baby hat. It will fit a head the size of a nice navel orange. This is the size of a premature baby's head in this part of the world. In some parts of the world this is the size of an average baby's head. And that's why I made the wee thing in the first place.

Save the Children has a program going on now called Knit One Save One. It's part of their ongoing work to help children survive until the age of 5. It turns out something as simple as putting a hat on a baby's head will help them stay alive until their body systems are a little more developed and they can do a better job of regulating their own body temperature.

There's a Ravelry group dedicated to making these tiny little hats will get you there. You can also go to and download their action kit that gives all the information about deadlines and where the caps need to be sent and all that practical stuff. They even have a few basic patterns so you can get the idea about sizing and all that.

Callie is wearing the first of what I hope will be 100 caps finished between now and mid-December. It boggles my mind that the mindless thing I do with my hands while I'm watching tv can actually save the life of a child. I can't image why everyone wouldn't want to do this. Sometimes the simplest things we do turn out to be the most profound.

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