Monday, September 22, 2008

Okay, it's not quilting, but I do have two more finished objects to show off to the world.

First is the first of the 2008 Holiday Mystery Gifts Group offerings, a hat called Gansey Gayle, created by Terry Liann, who also designed the Handsome Devil Socks. I had some worsted weight wool in a color that I thought would work up pretty, and those bobbles just kept calling my name. So now it's out of my system and I can get on to getting important things done. At least until the next batch of patterns comes out and there's something else that I have to make before sundown.

And then there's the Kitties in a Row Blanket. I made this for MJ's pending grandchild. I wanted something that would work up quickly and let me use up this yarn that I've had in stash for a while. This afghan seemed perfect, and it would be except for working in all those yarn ends. I added an outer border that helped, but there was still a lot of sewing in to do. Still, in the end, it's a cute blanket that I hope the Tweedlet will like. After all, I still have the blanket that was made for me when I was born; who knows what may become an heirloom.

But I had to have my fun with it. Bart glommed on to this little ball of yarn months ago, even though it's not orange. We have played "hide the yarn" with it many times; I wind it up and hide it in a new place and wait to see how long it takes him to find it. He was beside himself with joy when I just set it on the blanket; it was better than putting an open whiskey bottle and a glass in front of an alcoholic. It took a little while to get good pictures, but it was worth it. He looks so proud of himself, you'd think he had crocheted the blanket with his own paws. Of course about 5 seconds after the picture was snapped the ball was totally unwound across the floor again, along with the other ball that was on the sofa that I had used as a "teaser" to get him to sit on the blanket. Right now he is totally passed out on the ottoman; he's sleeping it off. We'll work on the addiction tomorrow; there's no reasoning with him now.

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GeeGee said...

I love your kittens in a row blanket. Could you share the pattern? Thanks.