Friday, September 03, 2010

Favorite Things Friday

Since the UPS man just drove up with the fabric that I ordered from so I would have enough for Theresa's quilt, right now my favorite thing is a Big Brown Truck. When you live in Small Town America, you have to depend on the postal service and the other parcel carriers to bring you the things you want and need. The mail truck is always a welcome sight, even when all the carrier leaves is bills and catalogs; I'll put up with those for the days when the truck also brings me treasure.

Today the treasure is fabric. The kind folks at called to tell me they didn't have a 10 yard piece, but had one that was nearly, and two other small pieces, a total of about 15 yards. I bought it all. Now I know that there is no more to be had in the world, and one way or another I will have to make it work.

I still have a little sewing to do before I'm ready to take a picture of the center section. I'll try to get that posted tomorrow.


Seams Inspired said...

Ooh...I could see why fabric would be a favorite! I have some pieces I've never cut into, but so enjoy touching and just looking. :o) Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday! :o)
Larri at Seams Inspired

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...


Thank you for Sharing Favourite Things Friday. I loved hearing about one of your Favourite things.

I have to go to the PO to get my mail and I have to say I get the same thrill from not knowing what I'll find when I get there that you do from your brown truck deliveries! (Especially when I'm expecting fabric !)

Please come back and visit again.It was lovely to "meet" you.

P. said...

I can imagine the big brown truck is a favorite, especially when it's bringing fabric! :)

AnnieO said...

Fabric is always a favorite around here, too! The UPS man's latest stop at my house was bringing me the custom insert for my new sewing desk. Love him!

Michelle said...

LOL! I currently live in rural Nevada, and also have an affinity for that Big Brown Truck, and the US Postal Service. This is great favorite!

Amanda said...

Love it when I here the Aussie post van pull round the street and stops out the front. i have trained mine to leave the packages, so I don't have to head down to the post office the next day and have to wait, this will be fine until they change contractors again and the training will have to start all over again.

Elizabeth said...

I don't live in a super remote place, but can completely identify with loving getting a package. It is one of my favorite things too.

xo -E