Sunday, August 15, 2010

I finally have a plan for Theresa's double wedding ring. I've had a picture in my mind of what I wanted for at least six months, but couldn't figure out how to make it, or even get it down on paper. Of course, in all this time I didn't actually sit down with paper or pencils, I just fussed about it. Finally, last night, it started to come together.
It started with a lovely light turquoise and gray print that just seemed to say Theresa to me. Because she is young and hip and graphic, I thought about doing the rings in shades of gray. So I started collecting gray fabrics. And I wanted to have whole rings, not pieced ones, that would intersect with each other across the quilt.
So here's the rough sketch of what I'm going to do:
When I put a template on the background fabric I realized that this too needs to be made in 24-inch rings, the same size as Crystal's. That helps. Once I knew that I could lay out a 6x6 grid and start putting in colors. Of course the grays all look alike in the picture, and the blue shading i put in the center doesn't show up much, but this is the general idea. The center of the quilt will be lighter than the edges, and there is a definite way each of these rings intersects. And each arc will be a single piece of fabric, rather than 7 as in Crystal's quilt.
These are the fabrics I have as of now:
The red/coral will be a sort of "surprise" in the construction, appearing at random places. But something seemed to come alive in the mix when I added it, and I think in a very small amount it will work wonders.
I also bought this lovely shaded turquoise fabric on one of my buying trips. It too seems to add something, but it's not quite the right shade. And I'm not sure what to do with it. So for now, it's on the table waiting for its chance to tell me what it needs to be.
The problem is that all the grays are pretty much the same value. There's some difference, but not a lot. But I just haven't seen any lighter ones that really do the job.
So there will be more fabric shopping in the near future. But I have something to work with. And that's farther along than I've been so far.

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