Thursday, February 03, 2011

Day One of the retreat has come to an end. I didn't have that many hours I could spend, by the time I went to Lake Providence, then went grocery shopping and had a nap, but it counts.

I first spent about 45 minutes on the DWR. It was already nearly dark when I started, so the light was not real good, and the podcast I chose was relatively short, so 45 minutes was enough. The kitties came in to keep me company, of course, so it was a pleasant time. I do wish sometimes Bart were not so completely black; it's next to impossible to get a picture of him. I'll try again another day.

Then I went down to the studio, where the primary goal for the evening was to get more pieces cut for the Christmas project. I did that, got sewing lines marked on a bunch of pieces, sewed a couple of strips together, and generally got things ready to make an assault on this project tomorrow. Because it was already after dark, I didn't try to work on the Tilted Stars; relocating colors is definitely a daylight job. Then before I left, I got out the spring wall hanging and pinned it up where I can look at it while I sew pieces together. I still can't say I have a plan, but I'm working on one.

So that's where we are, ready for tomorrow. In the morning I will have to do some cleaning to be ready for my help in the afternoon, and do some laundry. I also will do some cooking. But there will be sewing time in between tasks, and by afternoon all those things should be done. Tomorrow there may even be pictures.

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