Monday, February 12, 2007

I finally found a project that I think I can actually finish, and not just add one more UFO to the absurd pile already cluttering up the studio. I signed up for a Quillow class at Quilt University. I've never made one of these before, but it's a fairly small project, and not too complicated. I decided one of the kids at Vera Lloyd Home would probably love it; each kid that comes there gets a quilt that they keep when they leave. So I chose kid-friendly colors, and I'm off and running with it. I even got a picture made of the first 4 blocks.

This morning I decided to try out my old routine of sewing for an hour or so before breakfast, so I went down to the studio early. Buster was looking to come in out of the cold, so I got out his favorite napping quilt and spread it out on the sewing table. He was most grateful and even let me take his picture:
Usually as soon as I get the camera all lined up he starts examining his less photogenic parts.

The other delight of today was the arrival of some fabrics I have ordered for a Block of the Month quilt. I won't start on that one until I at least have the piecing done for this one, since it's currently spread all over the cutting and the ironing tables. But I'm happy with the color choices, and I'm looking forward to starting on it.

Otherwise, the day was spent trying to make room for the yarn stash that exploded over the Christmas holidays. What was I thinking when I bid on 3 lots of 100 skeins each on ebay!. Today I bundled up a bunch of clothes that don't fit, a few things I've had in the back of the closet for years that still have the tags on, and some things I just don't need any more and got them ready to take to Goodwill the next time I head toward Bastrop. That let me consolidate 2 closets down to 1, so the empty one can be used for yarn. Now I have to clean up the plastic drawers that are in the storeroom and move them in, then resort the lot so it will all fit and make some sort of sense. I may actually be able to see the top of the bed before the month is over.

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