Friday, September 08, 2006

I just realized it has been a week since i posted to my blog. I love looking at other people's blogs and reading what they enter on a daily basis. But as soon as I think about my own, I can't imagine what I would write. And this from a woman who makes her living by words. Although I learned a long time ago that it's not the quantity of words that counts, it's having the right word at the right time. That's the tricky part.

I have bought nothing but gas and groceries this week, even after making a shopping trip. I was looking for very specific things that I was not able to find, and so came home empty handed. And that was ok. As I drove I was thinking about 30DoN and trying to sort out where I stood between not following the spirit of the exercise at all and being so legalistic that any opportunities for grace get lost. Marva Dawn's idea of intentionality seemed a good way to come to a resolution. If I genuinely need the item, and have carefully thought through the purchase, done my research on pricing, and all that, and have the opportunity to buy it (sometimes that means waiting a while when you live in a small town), then it's ok. But browsing the shelves to see if there's something you might use, which you had not even thought about buying until you saw it - that's another matter.

It was difficult to go to Walmart for groceries and not cruise through the DVD's and the yarn. I always stop at those two places looking for bargains. The groceries were easier; I've been simplifying my diet over the past few months anyway, and I had a list, so I managed to get what I needed and nothing else. In fact, I've decided that for the rest of this year I will buy no yarn or fabric unless I have to have it to finish something already in progress (which only applies to fabric). I have enough yarn to probably last a whole year without buying, but eventually I'm going to want new colors to fill in the stash. And after my pilgrimage to Mary Jo's last month, I've got new fabrics to play with to keep me happy for a while.

Presbytery meeting this weekend means an opportunity to work on Caps for the Capital. (Go here to learn more about this.) I have 15 done so far, and hope to add 3-4 more to that this weekend. I'm resisting the urge to run out and buy a plastic box to store them in, which is what I do with things I make through the year to give at a certain time. I'll manage. I've also been working at using up my small bits of leftovers by making "ugly grannies" - granny squares made from whatever I happen to pick up next. I keep one box for the small balls of leftovers, and it was pretty full, so time to make up squares and empty it out a bit. I keep that project at the computer desk and crochet while I play games online. And I have a larger laprobe working made in sport yarn that was in one of the large lots I bought on ebay. Not my favorite colors, but it will help someone in the nursing home.

I did manage to get into the studio a little bit yesterday. Did a little hand quilting and got another block ready for when this one is finished. I got some Double Pinwheel blocks in a swap a few years ago. I'm adding corner triangles to them, making a 17 inch block, which is a nice size for quilt-as-you-go. Decided to hand quilt them, which I haven't done in a good long time. Will post a picture as soon as I get a block finished.

Today is laundry and bulletins and all the other things I have to get done since I'll be busy tomorrow. But having changed my Sabbath to Monday means that I'm not feeling put out about losing "my day off" and that makes a huge difference. Just another work day.


Ann said...

Lauren, nice to see you posting again! Can't wait to see some pictures of your things you are making. Have a great weekend and I hope to catch you soon! Miss ya, gf. (((hugs)))

Songbird said...

Hi, Lauren. Thanks for your comment at RevGalBlogPals. I'm trying to do just what you described with yarn after reading about 30DON. (No fabric here, but I imagine the dynamic is similar.) There is something about the excitement of a creative idea that is irresistible! But how many bags and drawers full of those potential projects do I have now? I really don't want to count.

Songbird said...

Good job on the html!!